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I have two LG tablets and an iPad that no longer have service and I still have to pay the monthly lease. Its actually holding papers down. More information on the settlement can be found here. Attorneys 2 weeks ago I really that my name was showing up on caller Id I had this changed back 2017. In the process they make you have to purchase a new device to keep the service. Lynch Carpenter is committed to keeping our site compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. How about they keep the old service and not shut it down before they could provide what I pay them for? T-Mobile launched a 5G network without telling customers that it planned to shut down older networks, and didnt address network incompatibilities for certain phones, a new class action lawsuit alleges. Moreno is looking to represent anyone in the United States who owned or leased an affected device. I bought a brand new upgraded phone & was given a new T-mobile SIM card & never had any service whatsoever (cant make a phone call, send a text, absolutely no data, etc). In general, arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution in which two parties resolve a disagreement outside of court with a third-party arbitrator, as opposed to a judge or jury, deciding on the matter. Weve been there and done that, and know how to help. Ive called Sprint/T-Mobileand have complained about the lack of several times to no avail. In nearly all cases, the contract you signed likely has a clause for arbitration, or binding arbitration. This means that you effectively dismissed your right to sue T-Mobile in favor of an arbitration process for any disputes. WHAT IS CONSUMER ARBITRATION? P (312) 750-1265, 117 East Colorado Blvd. 310-740-3401, Please add me. Now Im paying for a $900 5G capable phone that SUCKS! I cant on my other phone cricket wireless and . ADD ME !! The article does not contain contact information. At this point, attorneys working with are no longer accepting claims on behalf of consumers looking to pursue arbitration against T-Mobile. I hate this this service. Please keep in mind that Top Class Actions is neither a legal firm or a settlement administrator. Literally called a liar. If youre ready to take your complaint to the next step, let FairShake help. A list of open investigations and P (626) 550-1250, Disclaimer|Privacy Policy | 2013-2023 All Rights| 1 (800) 467-5241. My file and personal info was breached Tucson sz, My file and personal info was breached Tucson az add me. Jose Moreno, et al. A community for independently owned wireless stores, cell phone sales and repair shop T-Mobile class action over 5G network launch sent to arbitration, Verizon report says human error leading factor in data breaches, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile deploy 911 technology to ID callers floor location, Parker Hannifin Class Action Alleges March Data Breach Caused by Lapsed Security, Filters Fast data breach class action settlement, Social Security Disability application & appeal claim review, Abbott baby formula recall lawsuit investigation. The arbitrators decision is final, and if you win this legal proceeding against T-Mobile, they will be forced to comply with the arbitrators decision or face legal consequences. Some states prohibit attorney representation, but you can always consult a lawyer before you file a Small Claims lawsuit against T-Mobile. Add me. Actions does not process claims and we cannot advise you on the I have LG V6 its sucks most of the time I have no bars, Add me . They gave us pennies for them when they were both in excellent condition! I went through interruptions with phone service to no service at all and to buy new phones for service. Other one was wrong. If you complain about this enough to these I dont know I dont even know what to call him anymore. Just recently have been getting wifi for my TV vision but still rebooting once a day. I switched to T-Mobile a little over a month ago and now I cannot use my phone anywhere. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Tower has work other for over 2 years now. Now my bill is 100$ more than what I agreed on. Under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), a consumer may bring a civil claim for damages if they were victims of a data breach. You must contact the Please help! Add me. T mobile over Charge me too I would like to be added to the lawsuit. Under the act, consumers may recover statutory damages between $100-$750 or actual damages, whichever is greater, to compensate for any fraud, time spent, or any credit monitoring product consumers purchased in response to the breach. I had great Sprint service until March when they started to launch 5G in my area. If youre like a lot of T-Mobile customers youre in a contract and cant just change wireless companies. Thank you. "We are continuing to take action to protect everyone at risk from this cyberattack, including those additional persons we recently identified," the company said in a statement. That means that we represent each individual in their own proceeding, and we can seek to resolve their claim individually. Well this just explains why things are going crazy lately. A cyberattack launched against T-Mobile exposed the personal data, including social security numbers, of at least 47 million current, former, and prospective customers. Ok but then it says 20daus early. I have received a notification from T mobile that my information has been used in the breach. Legal information is not the same as legal advice, which is the application of the law to a persons unique situation. We have been T-Mobile customers since 2018. My wife and I were told to switch to 5G for better reception but it was necessary to change our phone numbers. When the switch happened from sprint to t mobile it didnt work at all and my family was left without phone service. Please sign me up and share this information. How you join please , we have been going thru hell for month with T-Mobile and the CEO has blocked him on all social media after he reached out to him , Mike Sievert, As of today I am a former T-Mobile customer and my service began February 10th 2022 not even a week after service began I started having issues with dropped calls and lost text messages when filing a client I was told there was no issue but they would look into it I have called back multiple times every month since then trying to get a solution or something when I was fed up enough and requested service to be cut off they denied my request ignored me even hung up on me I have been threatened by their supervisors and nobody in the company will give a statement or anything about what is being done, As the result of not changing to 5g my/our phones are working BUT glitches all the time my 7 yo granddaughter phone went completely out for 24 or more hours then came back on, its ridiculous how much were required to pay AND its crap services, As of today , my 5g service constantly messes up . Oh yes 12 hours and it gets old because once you stop, the conversation ends and they stop talking to you but it takes them so long to respond because theres so many People. They literally gave me a free phone for the switch Just go get a new phone you losers. Sprint before they moved to tmobil (or tmobil were not were not sure at this point.) Attorneys working with would like to speak with anyone whose personal information was exposed in the data breach announced by T-Mobile in August 2021. Please add me. Service absolutely is beyond awful and ive been in the store over 20 times, bought a new phone even though mine was just 1 year old. It appears the problem gets worse, with each update. Long story short had to call every month to have my bill corrected. 2:22-cv-00843 in the U.S. District Court Western District of Washington. You can see our complete guide to filing a small claims T-Mobile lawsuit. With hundreds of successful settlements to our credit, were ready to help you fight against the large corporations that dont care about their customers. Said I didnt qualify for a booster and to wait for new tower to be fixed. I was talked into upgrading devices and trading in devices that were paid off. Your information will instead be submitted to an attorney or claims processing company for a private assessment and possible representation. T-Mobile says it has begun sending communications to those affected by the breach. If youve received notice that your information was compromised in the T-Mobile data breach, you can now join others taking action. He alleges T-Mobile developed its 5G launch without disclosing to its customers including former Sprint customers following the merger between Sprint and T-Mobile it intended to shut down older networks without adequately addressing network incompatibilities for numerous devices dependent upon them. T-Mobile first of all is terrible service people are pompous and arrogant and are uneducated and dont even know how to help you. Although we go to great efforts to ensure that our material is accurate and helpful, if you want professional assurance that our information, and your interpretation of it, is suitable to your specific circumstances, we suggest that you contact a lawyer. Not only has no one been getting 5G, I cannot get any service through Sprint. P.O. Data breach victims may have various claims depending on their states. While there are no guarantees, it is possible that those who sign up for the mass arbitration could potentially be entitled to hundreds of dollars. working with are no longer investigating this matter. Always dropping calls or no service/network in certain places mainly my house or yard. It was explained as an error that they had no resolution for & gave me a $10 credit for my inconvenience! ","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":" T-Mobile Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit Overview: Who: Stephen J.Vash filed a class action lawsuit against T-Mobile on behalf of himself and about 100 million of the company's customers. August 2, 2022 - Investigation Closed Thank you to everyone who reached out to us in regard to the T-Mobile data breach. To date T-mobile has my money and the phone, they committed FRAUD, I have called them over 44 times since 2021 to no avail. All posts or writings on by staff or others should be regarded as personal opinion only, not legal advice. I actually had to crawl my way to my laptop to email my sister who lives in a different state yeah but theyre just giving you the runaround and I mean the big run around 99 people I have talked to and its getting to the ridiculous I told him I said what Ive got to reach 1 million people before yall actually say hey theres a problem, but the thing is I had an iPhone 7 S and I was getting 5G since I got this iPhone 13 I have never had 5G ever. Read About More Class Action Lawsuits & Class Action Settlements: document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); I has Sprint which became T-Mobile but still Sprint. If you believe your data was breached, please fill out the form below and an attorney will further review your case. Many of the Class Devices have or will become wholly unusable as the non-Network older Sprint and T-Mobile networks with which they are compatible, including Sprints 3G, 5G, and LTE networks as well as T- Mobiles 3G UMTS network, get shutdown, the lawsuit states. T-Mobile is a joke no good service either and higher prices. Thats all is doing it aint no good to me, but I refuse to pay the bill now I already told him take me to court because when we go to court thats gonna be it Ive got my legit messages. Preliminary Approval of the Proposed Settlement was granted on July 26, 2022. Hell I was ready to do that but now they cant seem to put me through to the guy that offered that. Every since the Sprint/TMobile merger, my service has been terrible. Now, Im fed up I wasnt aware of a these changes as Im a busy Mom of 3 littles & I too have a 4G phone Samsung A21 w/virtually no coverage in areas where I go hiking & paddling & may need emergency help that many others have a signal. More than 2 Representatives told me my prior phone and new one I had to purchase would no longer work on new network and that I would need to get a new phone again. I thought I was going nuts. If you are a T-Mobile customer, or have applied for service with T-Mobile in the past, your data may have been compromised in an August 2021 data breach. Thereis currently no federal law that provides claims in the case of a data breach. Over the last couple of years, FDA safety alerts have warned that Xeljanz may increase the risk of blood clots, heart problems, cancer, and even death. T-Mobile says that the information stolen from the additional customers did not include social security numbers and driver's license information. Want to stay in the loop on class actions that matter to you? There is a 45 mile stretch in my area now where there is ZERO service. Pittsburgh, PA 15222 Add me to the list. Needless to say att is my carrier now leaving t-mobile after 7yrs of service this merger has been nothing but trouble and a cash machine from its customers. T-mobile customer for over 15 years, It dont seem that i can get caught up with my bill since last. T-mobile sucks and sprint should have never joined with them. I live on fix income how can you bill go up every month&then you are threateni with turn off . Since the merger Ive had nothing but problems. Many people who experience problems with companies like T-Mobile find themselves dealing with the fallout for months, and sometimes years. Never the less they still owe me $ 321.04. P (412) 322-9243 So I would have to go back to the T-mobile store that I received the printout from. After 5G No service in my area. If you were a T-Mobile customer in August 2021, you may get a few dollars from the carrier in the near future. My service has gone to almost nothing. Top Class Actions is a legal news source The company has just announced the terms of a settlement in a consolidated class action lawsuit, and it isn't cheap: $350 million to be split up by customers (and lawyers), plus $150. With none in my home or job, Im in the middle of the city and have internet go out all the time. The plaintiff is represented by Cindy Heidelberg of Breskin Johnson & Townsend PLLC and Nicholas Migliaccio and Jason Rathod of Migliaccio & Rathos LLP. In my area I have to use my wifi just to make calls. for a useless service. T-Mobile is facing a lawsuit from the Federal Trade Commission. There is no date in sight for them to return my service. Other information compromised in the attack includes: The disclosure of this sensitive information puts T-Mobile customers at substantial risk of identity theft and devastating financial fraud. It took almost a week of investigation with the help of my TM business sales agent to discover this. Please help. Read About More Class Action Lawsuits & Class Action Settlements: T-Mobile does not believe that customers had their financial information, credit card information, debit, or other payment information stolen in the attack. The website I go to online are coming up not secure . One phone on our account is obsolete July 1. Why????. I have been a customer with sprint now T-Mobile for more than 6 yrs. My answer was why should I pay a bill for no service? Maaannn I thought I was going g crazy gotta hook my iPad up to my phone in order to use it, Count me in I had sprint for years and years then T-Mobile came around I have two I phones my son phone gets the 5g and my phone does not get the 5g. Moreno argues the arbitration provisions are substantively unconscionable.. Add me plus they sold me 3 Galaxy watch 4 LTE that wont work on their networks before the merger.