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Point 8: Again, refer to comments on Henriettes lack of power as a woman and as a subject of the king to say no to said king. Why should we fault Henriette for not ending her incestuous relationship with her brother-in-law, the king, but Philippe can be forgiven for continuing his homosexual relationship with the Chevalier? They fear she might have been poisoned, so King Louis XIV shuts all access To Versailles. Duchess Henriette becomes suddenly ill when she returns from a visit to her brother in England. the kiss between the Chevalier and Philippe happens after the war, after Philippe has seen Louis bring Henriette to the front. Last scene, with Louis silent and stoic, standing on a stone that overlooks a glorious view of the forest with Versailles in the distance. Totally inappropriate time to mention it. She is not indulgent in it. But not at the hands of Henriette, who really had little power in the situation. Henriettes liver and intestines were found to be badly corrupted, while her duodenum, gall bladder and the lower portion of her abdomen were filled with evil-smelling bile. After their conversation about stealing Philippes glory and the fact that Louis never liked sharing. . All I could find were negative. Once again, Louis behaviour, as reported here, is uncharacteristic. She had always been painfully thin and Louis once tactlessly referred to her as the bones of the Holy Innocents. Then, as they both walk through the salon (Vaux de Vicomte again) and to the doors, the guards bar their way and Louis enters. We see his offer to help refused time and time again. But in context, with everything else going on in the show and with what Philippe deals with, I can understand why he did it. Now, if she had been his second cousin, and never saw each other until she married his brother, then I can maybe see them having an affair. I am tired of waiting for you to keep it, says the Queen casually as she gets into bed with Louis then settles down. Still wouldve loved to read your long comment was it complimentary? Why is his passion for the man he loves to be forgiven and Henriettes passion for the man she loves to be used against her? We begged you. you wanted to make it your castle. Some were obviously written for massive impact. Princess Henriette was born on 16 June 1644, on the eve of the Second Battle of Newbury during the Civil War, at Bedford House in Exeter, a seat of William Russell, 5th Earl of Bedford (1613-1700), who had recently returned to the Royalist side. We are NOT touching her! Philippe finally says. Husbands have being raping their wives since time began from royalty down to peasants and it was classed as taking their marital rights . She coudnt have said no if shed wanted to. Were just waiting for it to take root., Now we are outside in an antechamber again, where Colbert is frantic that Henriette must be moved, that she cannot be treated in the Kings chamber. Henriette portrayed by Pierre Mignard, 17th century, Henriette, Duchesse d'Orlans, the sister-in-law of Louis XIV, took a drink of her usual chicory water and immediately clutched her side, crying out in pain. ), Back to Louis outside his bed chamber, where Henriettes screams of pain can be heard. I think it would be naive of us to assume that was the first (or only) time that happened. He expressed his doubts to the grief-stricken Charles II, who earnestly believed that his sister had been murdered. Slavery was also an accepted practice of the day. Her intent is not to hurt Philippe by sleeping with Louis, she simply doesnt care (and I dont blame her). My apartment has no pisspot and I do hate to urinate in the stairwells. The Chevalier: Never stopped you before. (teeheehee) They are interrupted by the Duc de Cassel (who is looking even rougher and more filthy than usual. And, more importantly, Henriette NEVER RAPED Philippe. Anne. When we are far away, we must make him believe we are near. Hold onto this moment, I told you. Close the doors! The Queen adds: we must put her in the bed. Louis nods; in she goes. Im thinking no. Remember, Henriette, as a woman, is completely powerless. Louis, who never forgave a slight, always ensured that the guilty paid dearly. I very much enjoyed reading them and especially liked your additional facts about the historical events and figures. Right. Still, Louis suspicions had been aroused and he ordered an autopsy, which was performed by French doctors and witnessed by others sent from England. I couldnt honestly say. We see Louis expression crumple, and he blinks, almost disbelievingly, and then Philippe is out the door. Your email address will not be published. Louis continues to yell: because without me this country will consume itself in nobles squabbles. He paces. I will come, says Philippe. Claudine confirms poison and Louis huddles with his advisors: he wants to know if any English are at court. While making this video i was inspired by the scene when Henriette talks about her first mask ball. First off, let me preface my response with the qualifier that I know very little about the historical figures on which these characters are based. They walk into a salon, where Montcourt is playing cards, and everyone suddenly stops talking when Marchal meets the mans eye. And stunned when Louis says shes in his bedchamber. Nup. But of course, she has no power to rid herself of him, so his death would be her only chance. *The only voice, your own. It happened so fast, but did Fabien Marshal shoot Charlotte Parthanay, and if so, why? This was served to Henriette by her unsuspecting maid. Get him out! Henriette cries. I really enjoy your reviews. Not so much. Does Henriette mind being used by Louis? Even though Henriette had a history of pains (since 1667) and drank only milk and basically ate nothing (she was considered quite a stick in the fashion of the day, and some historians suggest she suffered from anorexia), the poison theory stuck. In summary, of the four people involved in this sad businessLouis, Philippe, the Chevalier and HenrietteHenriette is the most powerless, the one with the least choice in anything. Yep. b) To show a glimpse of vulnerability for Henriette because for all her power, she is still the property of her husband and can be treated as such. Louis strolls over to the fireplace and picks up a poker, calmly summarising whats happened on his roads, his people dying, attempts on his own life, and now his beloved Henriette. Coming from the quills of noted showrunners David Wolstencroft and Simon Mirren, both known for gripping series with a conspiratorial bent (i.e. many things. Louis looks at him as he goes on: I believe this palace is a symbol of our king. This is such a clever production team impeccable writing, brilliant cast, sumptuous sets and costumes. Women were not allowed to practice medicine at that time and her father clearly disapproves, particularly as she grows more skilled and knowledgable than him. Is it fair? It was all out there. As Mme de Svign wrote: She was taken ill and died within eight hours, and we have lost with her all the joy, all the charm and all the pleasures of the Court. John Clare 191 subscribers Henrietta of England, Duchess of Orlans rushes to Louis XIV's chambers after being poisoned. UGH. Rohan slits the other guards throat, watches from a distance as the young prince has a sack put over his head then bundled off. For the record, I dont think Henriette would actually like to see Philippe die, but she would like to be shot of him. again, another shagging time between Henriette and Louis, when Louis friends have been murdered and she mentions the fact she was jealous of the dead woman. All of these things have the power to change a nation from within. No wonder Philippe feels the need to claim what is his. Seriously, he could have married her to any noble and they would have looked the other way at the cheating. Henriette wasnt asking the king to hire a hit on Philippe. Like only a brother can. Philippelooks into the fire, whispers, I was so proud of you. I also saw the subtle ways in which Henriette (and Louis) talked about him, how they wished he was not there. Hi, Finally, a scene with the Chevalier!!! She cant honestly say that the death of the man to whom she is shackled in a loveless marriage, who feels no attraction for her and never can but can easily enough rape her, who stands between her and the man she truly loveswouldnt be entirely unwelcome. Philippe was there in the woods and saved Louis from the wolves, but at the end of season one hes left Versailles. Claudine looks sad: this must be frightening for her. The historical notes you added were my favourite of all, I love knowing whats accurately portrayed and for the parts that were tweaked, what the actual history was. I just wanna smash his smug ferret face. Societal expectations do not alter basic human reality. You couldnt guarantee any would survive. Versailles - Stagione 3 Episodio 10. plus its almost as if he has something to say, to hide. Desire for glory. But that was the thinking of the time. Dear Anne, Im guessing I know a fair bit more about rape, the history of rape, the history of rape within marriage and womens rights (and lack thereof) than you realise. My biggest problem with Henriette/Louis is that I find it highly doubtful that Louis would have sex with her. I think I enjoyed your reviews as much as the show itself. He had mistresses, for example. That doesnt mean a woman would feel affection for her abuser. Marchal commands to clear the room, Louis adds: Not you, Montcourt. and the doors are sealed: no one enters. UHGGH. Ugh) and oh dear, the Chevalier looks so panicked, so worried by the Ducs appearance is it because he thinks people will start accusing him again of treason? Henriette of England died in Saint-Cloud, not in Versailles. Louis staggers to his feet, Montcourt bleeding out on the floor, and he goes to Marchal, who has collapsed near the fireplace. It was very clear from episode 1 that you were not a fan of Henriette and I found that quick jarring to read in your reviews. Claudine tries to give her something for the pain but she wont swallow, her throat is closing up. Fashion. And even if not, we see what Philippe is capable of when hes in a jealous snit. I really like him as a character, even though he tortures people. Henriette of England is poisoned during her trip back from England. There are only two men in this court who move freely between the outside world and the Kings inner circle, but only one who has never raised a single voice against him. Bontemps is surprised: the Kings brother? NO, BONTEMPS. Ita all so quick, and beautifully choreographed. Thatd do it. Montcourt 10 episodes, 2015 Gilly Gilchrist . Why? The episode starts in Madame de Montespans bed, with Louis awake and staring at the ceiling. Poor Philippe is helpless do something, woman! She has to find the source, which means poking about on Henriettes body, causing agony with every poke. The door suddenly opens, Claudine walks sombrely in. But enough with this. poison, death and departures Versailles episode 10. Marchal is surprised but pleased: attracting the flies to the paper. You are both the angels at my shoulder, says Louis, which reminds Marchal of the Parthenays and Montcourt. he is troubled, hearing Montcourts whispers in his head: When we are the kings enemy, we must make him believe we are his friend. and so on. (yeah, I know I said I liked Marchal/Claudine, too! A side-note: On Sophie. I have one comment / correction on what you wrote on Henriettes death scene. Louvois has been a kind of double agent all along, directed by Louis himself to assume the role of critic and conspirator. He sees Louis. Later on, we see the portrait back in Louiss chamber Since the first stone was laid in this expansion. I am sobbing. Charming. The flowers theyre singing. and she is gone. My sources tell me that sadly, we will have to wait until March 2017 (Yes, NEXT YEAR!!!) He should be he has not given up either of their names for the part they played in his arrest. And there is also Dangerous Liaisons, but that is set in the 18th century. FOCUS. Henriette mentions the issues she has with the Chevalier. I cant always catch what is being said, particularly if it an aside or a whisper but I know you will tell me . And one day, brother, one day they will. *insert sound of breaking heart here*. OMG he hits Marchal across the face with the candlestick, Louis lunges, Montcourt throws him off and the King smacks his head on a table. The fact that she doesnt particularly want to anyway (to say no, that is) is because she is deeply in love with Louis and always has been and because her husband makes zero effort to endear himself to her. At least there is a modicum of decorum. Im actually in the States where episode seven will be airing tomorrow night, but I read ahead because I know history so nothing coming was really a spoiler (just a condensed timeline). But I also know that their greatest plan has yet to show itself. the camera pans to Louis, Colbert, Louvois (clearly worried, as he should be), who says, but what if shes merely ill? Marchal: then your appetite will be merely inconvenienced, Louvois. Bontemps appears. To bring them over to us. The three remaining lived to be 59, 49 and 68. but the show never uses his name, referring to him only as his title of Chevalier, probably to avoid confusion . I do like that though they have their disagreements, Bontemp genuinely respects Fabien, and despite his anger, I think Louis does too. Whew! Also, his relationship with his brother was much less complicated than we see in this show, Philippe was a very simple person when it came to feelings, he was affectionate and friendly. Previously, we see Masson offer the same bottle offered to Louis when the king is sick (and Masson reels off a list of ingredients), and the bottle being secretively replaced, so Masson definitely did not know it was poisoned. Women are still being raped today in societies which condone such behaviour towards women and which deny women their personhood. Another possibility is that Henriette suffered from anorexia nervosa, which is often characterised by increasing frailty and hyperactivity; the summer of 1670 had been particularly hot and Henriette would swim in the river; unable to sleep, she walked in the gardens at night. when Philippe asks if he were to die, her troubles would be solved. To which Marchal says: you are the daughter of a Huguenot conspirator to the King, funded and supported by William of Orange. But Sophie says her mother paid that price, she is merely trying to survive and thought Marchals protection would ensure it. And suddenly Marchal has his ah-HA moment. OMG!). You admit her situation is unfair and certainly, she is powerless where her husband (and Louis) are concerned and yet, simply because of the screwed up thinking of the day, the thinking that removed a womans personhood and reduced her to mere property, she is the villain for not being able to love a man who ignores her and rapes her? It is one or the other. Philippe replies calmly: You acted out of pride. We now see Philippe, so resigned, with tears down his cheeks, then Louis with a no, this is NOT happening. look on his face, eyes still dry. The two Ms still fight, and Louis approaches, holding the poker. Eww. No. We cut to the forest, to the two Kings Guards in their blue livery, leaning by a tree as Rohan and little Louis still mock fight. Does she want to end things with Louis? We now see Philippe, so resigned, with tears down his cheeks, then Louis with a no, this is NOT happening. look on his face, eyes still dry. And Louis, who is being so totally duped, is convinced by Rohan to take his son, the Dauphin, out to ride, so he is far away from the cries of pain. It is not clear in the show. Really enjoyed reading your reviews, which I found halfway the show. After Philippe shoots a couple rounds into the air he tells Louie, Brother we must go, the wolves will come back and there will be more. Did you have the same thought as I; that while in the moment the characters are talking about the actual wolves, the underlying message is about Louis and the traitors in his midst, starting with Moncourt. But Sophie declares she has no life: what her mother told her was a lie. Louis finally nods to the guards, the pikes are uncrossed and Philippe takes a breath and walks out without a backwards glance.The Chevalier gives him a few feet head start, then strolls after him, hands behind his back, not looking at Louis, not bowing. Shes genuinely quite sweet, but tenacious something Im sure our Head of Security will appreciate). Hi, The first one we ever played in, says Philippe. Is that understood? and pushes past them. The French musical Le Roi Soleil is always great to watch. Marchal picks up the dropped knife and lunges and he and Montcourt trade a few blows, with Marchal blocking then delivering a punch. However, the bible does say something about a man being expected to marry his brothers widow. Nothing. They talk about whats happening Marchal is questioning people, and Sophie was taken in that morning. *That should have read historical figures not historical characters! I think the problem with him is that we still miss a decent biography, taking into accounts ALL sources and not only the same, always the same stuff as Saint-Simon and such. Despite being a dab hand at treating people who have been poisoned, the doc announces that she . (We wont even go into whether or not that maid wanted to be drug into the bedroom by Philippe after his jealous strop with the Chevalier or his sneaking into Louises bed. Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction - and other times, period dramas take a little artistic license . Henriette feels nothing for Philippe, he not having put any more effort into endearing himself to her than she to him and he also complicating things for her where Louis is concerned. Not sure and he leaves. Henriette 12 episodes, 2015-2017 Anatole Taubman . Colbert: You believe her highness is poisoned? Marchal replies cryptically: I believe. We see this SO MANY TIMES it becomes frustrating and sad. Whats wrong? Philippe raping his wife. Earlier that day, a servant spotted one of Philippes mignons and Grand Equerry (Master of the Horse), the Marquis dEffiat, drink water stored in a cabinet near Henriettes chambers, wipe the glass, then go on his way. Louis has not (even though yeah, okay, protocol). It is fascinating to compare Philippes two moments of deep anguish side by side: when the Chevalier was arrested, we saw his total and complete breakdown, the slow crumple of his expression from shock, to horror, to abject grief, then as he collapsed to his knees and rocked while he wept. But it is kept behind closed doors. Is it fair? Called it!) What a great mix of observation and humor. But Marchal continues calmly. Rumourwent that he sent the poison to Effiat in retaliation for Henriette having him banished. As her husband, Philippe, rushed to her bedside, Henriette chided him, Alas, Monsieur, it is a long time since you loved me, but this is unjust. Alerted, Henriettes lady-in-waiting watched the duke closely, but he showed no indication of guilt and every sign that he was distressed by his wifes condition. This is Louis in control, in power, and he delivers a malevolent, threatening banter that is fabulous to see. Is he for or against le roi? Finally, the king weeps for his love, when he is alone. Rohan is the Masked Man! Obviously he loves Chevalier. They grew up knowing what their duty was as prince and princess. Marchal replies in that cool way of his: we eliminate the suspects. Colbert: eliminating the suspects doesnt mean the same to me as it does to you! Lol. Louis wakes to the sight of Henriette, blood down her gown and from her mouth, saying help me please. Even gravely ill, she still choses Louis over her husband. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Or twenty, I suppose. Bontemps moves her along. Philippe is most definitely not the victim in his marriage. Such an angry outpouring from Louis, however, would have been out of character and no one else reported that he said any such thing. Aaaaaand now. Gladly. Louis is disbelieving: And sacrifice your future to see me suffer? Philippe glances around the salon then says: What does a King know of sacrifice?, Louis cant believe it. She also miscarries a baby that was either her husband Philippe's or the King's, no one is sure. Louis approaches and she wakes. Louis was deathly afraid of the more relaxed, popular and fun-loving Monsieur, who gave great parties, was social and everyone wanted to be around. Philippe turns to the guards, stands patiently at the crossed pikes as Louis stares at his back. Though it was true that he was saddened by Henriettes death, I dont felt that he was actually that hell bent on punishing those who were or at least believed to be responsible for her death, due to the lack of evidence among other factors. But here, now? It unfortunately follows that her absence would weaken you. She is subject to the whims and wishes of her king and lover, of her husband and even of her husbands lover. Such an angry king, and rightly so. After all, everything she did was unacceptable at that time for women and it was certainly acceptable to beat a woman, especially if she was a wife, sister or daughter. Neither of them showed much interest or affection for the other, both clearly preferring their lovers. BRILLIANT acting. Louis adds, almost contemptuously: you never understood politics. Hmm. Colbert tries to push his point when Louis enters. Only a year or so to go until a new season arrived on fledgling network Ovation, its U.S. cable home. And laudanum as a sedative was much used at the time. In every possible way. .. now, I am not saying that Colbert is implying Philippe poisoned his wife, but it sure sounds like it. She is later arrested as the poisoner as her son is released, but ridiculed from court. Philippe of course blames Louis for Henriette's poisoning as he was the one who sent Henriette as an ambassador abroad even though everyone begged him not to. We are back at the sickbed, where Henriette sleeps and Montespan silently weeps at the bed. Keeps your brothers power in check and offers a direct connection to England. Louis XIV was born on 5 September 1638 in the Chteau de Saint-Germain-en-Laye, to Louis XIII and Anne of Austria. Versailles 2015 - S01E10 - Bring the Garden Here (High MP4) (WEBM) (Aired: 14 Dec. 2015) Duchess Henriette becomes suddenly ill when she returns from a visit to her brother in England. The sudden onset of Henriettes illness, the severe pain and the short time between the onset of her symptoms and her death suggested to her contemporaries that she had been poisoned. Then he turns and suddenly a Man In a Mask is standing there. Still with the playing of games, the half-truth words. Yes, of course its common knowledge that Louis is shagging Henriette. Absolutely enjoyed your recap of the finale. I think we see fairly good evidence in episode 7 that not only does Philippe support his brother, but that he is honestly frightened of the idea of running the country and has no desire to take his brothers place (his anger at being overlooked for the regency is more due to his hurt that no one supports him or takes him seriouslyhis experience all his life). his majesty knew this day would come. See above comments about Henriettes powerlessness as a woman. Hi Jules and Aly, she was the one who found it, actually. Another grabs him, covers his mouth, and more appear to shoot a guard. Gaston de Foix was arrested and tortured as the potential poisoner by Fabien. Hi Janet! By this stage both Henriette and Marie Thrse of Spain now knew what it felt like to be jilted and cast aside in your loved ones affections by another attractive court lady. Le Roi Danse, which is all about the rise and fall of Lully, Louis XIVs court composer (French, but hard to find with English subtitles). Henriette says to Philippe: Im sorry. Let me know when the doctor arrives, Louis says, and leaves. Philippe has no interest in Henriette, is not attracted to her or in love with her. Mainly wanted to know about Chevalier after last weeks tearful declaration of love. It could also be argued that Philippe is relatively powerless, but only where Louis, his older brother and his king, is concerned. You! He points and accusing finger. Louis stares out the window in the antechamber, servants bring in food, but Marchal suspects poisoning and sends it back until its safety can be confirmed. Protocol demands that he stays, Philippe says tightly. Her husband is openly gay and has no problem flaunting it in the public. You can read more about Henriettas death here. Your question misses the question, Montcourt replies cryptically. She doesnt want to speak of him. did the male medicin drink the vial of poison accidentally or on purpose? Colbert looks a bit stunned. It is a controlled grief. It was so good. #JesusTakeTheWheel What a scene. Moreover, we cant fault her anymore for continuing her relationship with Louis (as if she would have had the power to end it anyway) than we can Philippe for continuing his with the Chevalier. Louis looks stunned too. Historically, poison was definitely suspected in Henriettes death and briefly, heres how it went down: It was 1670 and Henriette was pissed off she couldnt be with Louis at Versailles, and of course Monsieur knew this, so he ordered her to accompany him to Saint Cloud. Quite a few. I can see where the series cliffhanger is heading, besides the obvious unmasking of Rohan as a traitor. The Dauphin. I just wanted to tell you that I enjoy your reviews and will keep reading them through saison 2. Just another way Louis is emasculating him, making him a laughing stock in French society. Just because women were denied their personhood does not mean they were not human beings who felt as any human being might feel. Now this is fascinating. The camera pans up and it is a truly magnificent sight, flowers everywhere. Who poisoned Henriette in Versailles? Montcourt is confused. Philippe had a relationship with the man he loved while Henriette continued to sleep with the man she loved. He weeps for the loss and I am sure he also weeps for the helplessness he must now feel, a man so powerful and commanding, who rules a country and its people a true King and yet, still unable to save her. I know historically Philippe did leave Versailles for a time, but season two Louis without Philippe will be interesting because while Louis takes shots at him every chance he gets, at the end of the day Philippe is the only true person around him besides Bontemps. Ive mentioned before that his intimate interactions with women in the show are used as a form of punishment towards those who have hurt him Louis (with Louise and Henriette) and the Chevalier (with the maid).