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Claudia Campagnol

Claudia Campagnol

I'm Strong

What a voice! Wow! This lady can sing! Did I say that this lady can sing! OMG!

I must confess, I never heard of her. Foolish me! Well, I know of her now and I am a BIG fan! Her name is Claudia Campagnol.

Claudia Campagnol Im StrongImagine sitting in a tropical paradise with blue skies and ocean with a relaxing warm breeze. The sound of the ocean waves has you settled in. You are sipping your favorite wine and just chillin’ (I do that a lot).

You begin listening to Claudia Campagnol and suddenly the color of the sky – once taken for granted –  has a meaning and greater purpose. The surrounding colors are mosaic-like and warm breezes are soft caresses on you. You are levitated. Happy!

You find yourself tapping your feet, popping your fingers, and bobbing your head in rhythm to the melodic vibes and vocals from this beautiful voice!

You can listen to her all day … and some!

IMO, she is just as good or better – much better – than many popular female vocalists out there! She is that good, folks!

Learn more about Claudia Campagnol on her website. She has an interesting story and an impressive musical resume!

And BTW, her band … those guys can rock !!!


Claudia Campagnol website: https://www.claudiacampagnol.com/

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw0QhNn649_kG5XCg7CHaUQ

Claudia Campagnol – All Through You / I’m Strong (promo video)


Check this one out!

Claudia Campagnol
Claudia Campagnol
I am a NEWLY Enlisted Fan!
This lady has a beautiful full-range voice! OMG!

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