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Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler. Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was probably paraphrasing William of Ockham’s “Ockham’s Razor” principle that the simplest explanation is usually the right one. I believe this especially when it comes to teaching (myself a former Technical Instructor for more than 15 years). I also believe in cutting through all of the fat. (Pun intended).

When it comes to selecting a Cloud-Based Internet Radio Station Host Provider, I believe in simplicity, reliability, efficiency, and low-cost. I am not impressed with all of the bells-and-whistles many of these providers have, which are just eye-candy anyway.

There are many such providers. I have certainly gone through my share of Cloud-Based Internet Radio Station Host Providers. The one that I like the most is LiveWebDJ.

But first what is a Cloud-Based Internet Radio Station Host Provider? Well, like Web Host Providers who host and let you manage files that make up your website, Internet Radio Station Host Providers host and let you manage your music files or other recorded content.

This is the place you will want to upload all of your music (or other recorded content) and manage them, Management meaning creating playlists. Clockwheel rotations, schedule events, rename music files, delete and add music, setup crossfading, configure volume normalization, create Global Separation Rules, voice tracking, drag and drop song uploads, FTP song uploads, assign DJs (if more than one person will be a part of your station), configure your encoders and much more. Basically, almost everything a terrestrial radio station would do, you would do in the cloud.

One of the benefits of running your station from “The Cloud” is that you are virtually assured that your station remains on the air. You could stream your station from your computer over your own Internet connection, but you risk your station going off-air should you lose your Internet connection.  (In a later post, I will discuss the benefits of having a home-based setup to stream your content and a cloud-based system). But for now, you are just getting started so let’s keep this simple.

I recommend LiveWebDJ as the Cloud-Based Internet Radio Station Host Provider. You can get a 20Gb account for $19.95. They allow you to try it for free seven days. (You don’t have to pull out a debit or credit card). It is really a great platform. Once you learn your way around in it, you will agree. They have some tutorials which I believe could be improved on. So, I will do some video tutorials on using it. I will create a post providing the link to access them when I have them finished.

Below is a screenshot of the LiveWebDJ Dashboard.

In tomorrows post, I will discuss “The Stream Provider.” Many people confuse them with the Radio Station Host Provider. They are two different but complementary entities. You need them both in order for your radio station to operate.

Stream Providers are companies that connect to your Radio Station Host Provider and stream your music out over the Internet.

That discussion is for Monday’s post. I am taking a break tomorrow. 🙂

Stay tuned!

Ronnie J.

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