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Starting your own Internet Radio Station is easier than one would think.

Once established online and you have gained a listenership, you could monetize your website with affiliate ads or even sell advertising. If done right, they can be very profitable … and fun!

I personally like and recommend the Spacial Solution using SAM Broadcaster Pro or SAM Broadcaster Cloud.

What Is SAM Broadcaster Pro?

SAM Broadcaster Pro is a powerful software radio studio in a box. It allows you to do live shows or run a fully automated “hands-off” station. It installs and runs on your computer (Windows only). It “virtualizes” all of the equipment one would have in a real radio station. It has everything you need. it has play decks, aux decks, an Auto DJ, encoders, an equalizer, mixers, an event scheduler, fade control, an FM transmitter (if you want to use it for terrestrial radio), jingles and drop effects, queueing, caller requests, voice effects, statistical relays, and much more.

With SAM Broadcaster Pro, all of your music and music content reside on your computer. Your music is imported into SAM Broadcaster Pro, you turn it on and your computer becomes a “transmitter.” In other words, your music is “streamed” out over your Internet connection to the Internet!

If you have a regular cable or fiber Internet connection, that will do. SAM Broadcaster does not use a who lot of bandwidth. In fact, you can co other things over the same Internet connection (surf the web, watch YouTube videos, check email, etc and SAM Broadcaster keeps going.

The only downside is if for some reason you lose your Internet connection, your station goes off the air and stops streaming. This is where SAM Broadcaster Cloud is another great solution.

There is a learning curve. You will find SAM Broadcaster Pro tutorials on YouTube, But the best FREE tutorials will be found at


What Is SAM Broadcaster Cloud?

SAM Broadcaster Cloud is basically SAM Broadcaster Pro except it does not run on your computer, it runs remotely in “The Cloud.” The cloud, in this case, is the Spacial servers. All of your music is uploaded to their servers and you turn on SAM Broadcaster Cloud and they stream out your music out over the Internet. You don’t have to worry about your station going offline because of a severed Internet connection.

With SAM Broadcaster Cloud, you are in full control and have much of the same functionality as SAM Broadcaster Pro.

SAM Broadcaster Cloud has a FREE  “Academy.” It is a very nice video tutorial set that teaches you everything about SAM Broadcaster Cloud and setting it to run your station.






What is SAM LIVE DJ?

SAM Live DJ is basically SAM Broadcaster Lite. Your music files run on your computer and NOT in the cloud. So why would one want SAM LIVE DJ? Well, if you want to run a full-fledged radio station and want the best of both worlds – that is, running your station using the power and versatility of SAM Broadcaster PLUS having a standby/backup station running in “The Cloud” then you will want SAM LIVE DJ.

This how it works: Let’s say that you are streaming just fine from your computer but all of a sudden, your Internet connection drops. Not to worry. Your SAM Broadcaster Cloud automatically kicks in. There will be no dead air time. Your station remains on the air!

When your purchase SAM Broadcaster Cloud, you get SAM Live DJ for free. (SAM Broadcaster Pro is already configured to connect to SAM Broadcaster cloud if you purchase a SAM Broadcaster Cloud account).


My Recommendation

Start with SAM Broadcaster Cloud, it is everything one would need.  If you want an interface that runs on your computer that you can connect to other “real” external hardware, then SAM Broadcaster Pro is what you want. You will find some great tutorials on how to connect SAM Broadcaster Pro to external mixer boards, microphones, etc at

If you use SAM Broadcaster Pro or SAM Live DJ as your primary means of streaming (from your computer and Internet connection), I recommend getting a SAM Broadcaster Cloud account as a backup system in case your Internet connection gets cut.

Ronnie J.

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