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Today, I want to talk about the domain name. For those of you who do not know what a domain name is, it is your website address. The domain name format is The domain name for this site is Why is getting a domain name important?

Well, without one, it is not possible to have YOUR OWN .com website, and you will want one if you want to start an Internet radio station. How do you get a domain name?

There is a process one must go through in getting a domain name. You must …

    1. Perform a search for an available domain name that you like. This can be challenging and will require some imagination on your part. The reason why is because all of the easy-to-get domain names are being used by other radio station owners or you have squatters who buy up all of the good domain names, don’t use them and sell them for profit. For example, let’s say you want to start a station that plays soft rock. Your challenge is to find a domain name that fits that genre. You perform a search for and find that it is taken. You try and find that it is taken. You try and it is taken. You search for and find that it is available but some squatter wants you to pay him/her $4300 for it. (No way, man!) Your creative juices kick in and you search for and find that it is available. You want, it. What is your next step?
    1. You register the domain name. Registration is the same as leasing. In other words, can lease a domain name for one year, two years, three years or more. You own the domain name for the number of years you lease it. When you register your domain name, you will see an option to select the number of years you want to lease (register) the domain name. When the registration period expires, the domain name is released and thrown back into the “availability pool” so someone else can get it. Depending on the length of the registration period you choose, you will be notified by the registrar in advanced and you will have the option to renew your registration. OK! Where do you register your domain name?
    1. You search for and register your domain at one of the many web host providers. I recommend one of the following three( Each web host provider has a domain availability search form on their websites):

Once you have registered your domain name, your next step is to get a web host account for it. It is very easy because you will use the same web host provider you registered your domain name with.

Getting a web host provider is the subject of tomorrows post.

Stay tuned.

Ronnie J.

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