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Setting Up Your Website – Additional WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins To Enhance Your Website's Functionality

At this point, you should have …

Next, I would like to have you install seven additional plugins. These will enhance your website functionality, make it easier for you to create posts and pages, and SEO your website. If you are looking for SEO Melbourne prices make sure to check out searchmarketinggroup.com.au/seo-melbourne. These plugins are …

    • Maintenance – To place your website in the “maintenance-mode” until you are ready to go live.
    • MailChimp – allows you to create email opt-in forms.
    • Contact Forms – allows you to create email contact forms.
    • Toast SEO – a powerful plug to fully Search Engine optimize your home page, posts, and pages.
    • Duplicate Post – allows you to clone a post. Very powerful. You’ll see why.
    • Hide Post – allows you to hide a post from appearing oh home page or any page. (optional but recommended)
    • Jet Pack – is the ultimate toolkit for WordPress. It allows you to secure your website.

All of the plugins listed above are free. In the video below, I will walk you through the installation of each.

Next, I will take you into the WordPress “Settings” an make a few tweaks there.

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