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Choosing and Getting a Domain Name and Web Hosting

Every new website requires a domain name and a hosting account.

There is a universal process all desiring to have a web presence – that is, a website – must go through. All must get a …

  1. Domain Name
  2. Host Provider Account

The Domain Name

This is simply a yourwebsite.com name. For example, rippedradio.com is the domain for this website. You must choose one for your website. It will require some brainstorming and creativity because almost all of the good domain names are taken.

My suggestion is that you choose a domain name that is as short as possible. You do not want visitors to remember a long domain name. A domain name could be your first and last name. It could be something crazy like Google or Yahoo (I wonder how those domain names were conceptualized).

The domain name you chose is up to you. However, make sure it ends in .com.

Domain names are leased for periods of 1-10 years. You must renew at lease expiration to keep the domain name else it is placed back into the domain name pool and someone else can get it. The Provider you got your domain through notifies you well in advance before your domain expires. And, in most cases, if your domain does expire they have a grace period before it goes back into the pool. The average cost to get a domain name is $12 and if you lease for one year, you pay another $12 for the next year. So, getting a domain name is inexpensive.

If you lease for two, three, five … ten years, then you pay in those intervals. I like leasing either in two or five year time periods. That way, I do not have to worry about my domains expiring until then.

I’ll tell you where to get to search for a domain name in a moment.

The Host Provider Account

You need to hook up with a company that has powerful servers with bandwidth and a fast backbone connection to the Internet. So, when visitors to your website enter your domain name in their web browser, they are taken to your website. Host Providers will lease you space on their servers that will hold or host all of the files that make up your website.

Hosting is inexpensive. One could get a decent hosting account with plenty of storage space for your website files plus all of the other bells and whistles for less than $10/month.

I am about to show you.


Back in the day, it was a confusing and frustrating experience getting a website set up … and in a timely fashion. It took days or weeks. Namely, Domain Name + Host Provider = Website.

You had to go through two separate companies. One to get a domain name and another for a hosting account. And, hosting was very expensive.

Happily today, you can search for a domain, purchase (register) that domain, and get a hosting account in one place with one company. And, you do not have to wait for days or weeks! In a matter of an hour (or less), your domain appears if someone types it into their web browser. The website might be empty because you haven’t placed any content on it, but that the domain is viewable means that it is ready to be furnished.

Host Provider Companies I Recommend

Below is a list of Hosting Provider companies I recommend. You can search for a domain, register the domain, and purchase a hosting account in one place. (I personally use BlueHost (preferred) and GoDaddy. The Host Providers below are very reliable and have good reputations

Check out my video that shows the process of searching for a domain name, registering the domain name, and purchasing a hosting account. The first video shows how to use BlueHost to search, register, and purchase a hosting account and the second video shows the same process for GoDaddy.

Search and Register a Domain and Hosting With BlueHost


Search and Register a Domain and Hosting With GoDaddy

Before moving on, you should have …

Let’s move on and talk about Affiliate Programs.

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