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Learning WordPress

No need to hire a web designer. There is WordPress.

WordPress will be the foundation upon which your journey to passive income will be built. When I first started on my Journey WordPress did not exist. I coded all of my websites by hand using HTML and then later using a program called FrontPage. With WordPress, you do not have to know how to code.

What is WordPress? In laymen’s terms, it is a Content Management System (CMS) that makes it easy to create websites fast and manage the content of the website. This is saying something. Why?

If you hire a professional web designer, he/she will charge you thousands of dollars. (They will probably use WordPress to do it. They bank on you not knowing how to). Now, after they have delivered your website, will they manage the content on it? No! That’s not their job, it’s yours.

WordPress gives you the best of three worlds:

  1. It’s free. No ads.
  2. Creates beautiful websites with thousands of free and premium themes and plug-ins.
  3. It allows you to manage your content. You are in total control.

How Should You Learn?

I used to teach WordPress. I even created a 35 video-lesson course on it several years ago. It is all but obsolete now.

To learn WordPress well, you should take structured lessons. I highly recommend you go over to WP101 and take their WordPress course. There are over 230 video tutorials. Each tutorial is bite-sized and very short.  Each tutorial is less than 10 minutes.

The lessons are well laid out and very easy to follow.

Today, WP101® is one of the most popular WordPress tutorial sites in the world and has been widely praised as the gold standard for WordPress video tutorials. The WordPress 101 tutorial videos have helped more than two million beginners around the world learn how to use WordPress to create and manage their own website!

Shawn Hesketh is the instructor and he knows his stuff. He is very good. He quick to respond to any questions you have with the course material. He will not leave you hanging. He is a professional. Here are Shawn and Kay below.


Go over to WP101, enroll, and start learning WordPress the right way. You will learn everything from installing WordPress, installing themes, plug-ins, backing up your WordPress website, managing your content and much more.

You can choose from monthly, annual, or lifetime access and start learning WordPress today!

I am a lifetime member. Why? Because if there are any updates or upgrades to WordPress (and there was a major one last year), I do not have to pay anything extra. Shawn quickly updates the tutorials so I am always current.

Easy WordPress tutorial videos for beginners.

Devote time to finish the WordPress course before moving on to the next section. Discipline, structure, and patience are key here. If you try to do too much you could become overwhelmed and discouraged.

After you have learned WordPress, then you should search for a domain, register it, and purchase a hosting package for it. These will be required to have a website. There are no ways around it. The section next section entitled Choosing and Getting a Domain Name and Web Hosting will show you exactly how to accomplish this.

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