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read me first

Read Me First

Please read this article before proceeding to the rest of the material.

There is nothing like waking up the next day to see an extra $890 to $1010 in your bank account each day passively! It is extremely satisfying.

There are many people on the Internet who paint a picture of how easy it is. It is not easy … initially. In fact, it can be discouraging.

It takes time, dedication, and a lot of hard work to get to the point where you are making passive income each month.

Many of the persons you see online leave a lot of stuff out in their success stories. These are:

  • Did they have any particular skill set that assisted them in generating passive income each month? (web design, programming skills, etc)
  • Did they have a mailing list that they can promote to?
  • Did they do it all by themselves or did they have a team?

The Basics Needed In Your Journey To Passive Income

  • A website. No ifs, and, or buts about it. Whatever you are selling and promoting, your visitors need a place to go to. You will need a website.
  • A domain name. This is a yourwebsite.com name in which your website will be built.
  • A hosting provider. These are companies like GoDaddy or Bluehost who will host or rent you server-space that holds the files that make up your website.
  • A web designer. I prefer doing-it-yourself. You be the web designer. With WordPress, you can put up a beautiful professional-looking website.
  • Given what I stated just above, you need to learn WordPress. It is not difficult. You can learn it in 1-2 weeks.
  • Time invested. You need to put in the time. In one to two months, you can have passive income flowing in.

Now, notice that I did not include in the bullet points above that you need an idea or a niche. There is a reason for that. What? I told you that I would show you exactly how I am generating passive income each month.

Do I have skill-sets that make it easier for me? Yes, I do. But in 2020, it is much easier than when I started 20 years ago.

My skill sets are:

  • I am a professional web designer. However, with the advent of WordPress, the average person does not need a web designer. They can do it themselves.
  • I am a professional graphics designer. I know Adobe Photoshop. But it is very easy to learn for creating simple graphics or logos. I most cases, it is not needed.
  • I am a career IT Specialist (Networks). That means I understand computer networks and the way the Internet works. You don’t need this skill set.
  • I am a Course Developer/Technical Instructor. Big deal! You do not need this skill set either.

In this section of the website, I am going to take you on a journey to passive income. You have to do the work and put in the time.

How Do I Make Passive Income?

Affiliate programs! A lot of them. I aggregate them onto a website platform. I also review some of them in a blog article (very powerful).

Your Next Step

Before you do anything, you need to first learn WordPress. Why? Because it makes you a web designer and a blogger. That you will be a web designer, you will be able to populate your website with wonderful content that will create passive income. We’ll worry about a domain name and host provider later. However, for now, you need to set aside a week or two to learn all aspects of WordPress.

That will be the next subject. So, move on to the next section, “Learning WordPress.”

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Why WRIP - Ripped Radio Smooth Jazz? Well, I love the music. For me, it is the perfect mix to drive by, to think by, to work by, to play by, and to chill by. It inspires, soothes, and quiets the soul. Enjoy! - Ronnie J.

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