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The Affiliate Programs

The key to your success will be populating your website with good affiliate programs

OK, you have taken a course in WordPress (or have learned enough where you feel comfortable installing WordPress, installing themes and plugins, know the difference between posts and pages, categories and tags, how to create links, embed images and videos, and how to “search-engine-optimize” (SEO) your posts and pages); you have searched for and registered and domain name and purchased a hosting account for it.

Now enters creating a page that will aggregate and list all of the affiliate programs I am going to turn you on to. That’s right! You are going to join a bunch of affiliate programs (about 100 of them) and list and link them on one page!

The links to those affiliate programs will contain your affiliate links. For the sake of those who do not know what an affiliate program is, permit me to explain.

What Is An Affiliate Program?

These are programs or companies on the Internet that have products and services and if you refer people through your affiliate link that they provide you, and when that person makes a purchase you receive a commission. It’s about as easy as that.

The key is to select affiliate programs that are reliable, have a good reputation, pay on time, and give a good commission. What is a good commission? It depends. Some affiliate marketers say anything less than 40%. I disagree. Why? Suppose a company provides a service or product that sells for $1000 and gives a 5% commission if you refer someone? Well, you earn $50! What about affiliate programs that have a product or service for $60 and offers a 40% commission? Your commission is $24!

So, it is relative, isn’t it?

My philosophy has always been to load up on a boat-load of affiliate programs and let them collectively work for you. Will all of them make you money consistently? No. But collectively they can pull in a nice monthly passive income if you do it right.

Joining Affiliate Programs

Your job, task, assignment … is to join the affiliate programs I have joined and promote them. (I will discuss ways to promote them later. It is not difficult at all)

It is extremely important that you be organized. Let me repeat that! It is extremely important that you be organized. That is, you want to keep a list of all of the affiliate programs that you have joined. That list should include:

    • The name of the affiliate program
    • The date you joined
    • The name of the company
    • The company website URL
    • The affiliate program niche (fitness, hosting, golf, cooking, etc)
    • Your affiliate link
    • Commission rate
    • Login username
    • Password
    • Payment payout method(s)
    • Remarks (For example, some companies do not approve you right away as an affiliate. They have an approval process. So, in the remarks section of your list, you could enter, pending approval)

I have created an Excel spreadsheet for you that will help you stay organized. In no time your list of affiliate programs will grow. You can download it here.

Therefore, you can see that YOU have to put in the work in visiting each of the websites I will direct you to and sign up. It will take you several weeks to do it. But what’s stopping you?

Preparing Your Website Before Joining “Some” Affiliate Programs

Some companies with affiliate programs do not have an approval process, the approve you on-the-spot. While others do have an approval process that could take a few days or weeks. Why? They will visit your website and take a look at it.

They will see what it is all about. They will see how it looks. Was it just thrown together? Or, does it have a professional look and feel?

It is for that reason I recommend that you create a website that has stuff already on it such as blog articles, banners, and links to those affiliate programs that immediately approve you. Then later apply for those affiliate programs that have an approval process and add them upon approval.

Do not be discouraged if a company declines you as an affiliate. Some have very strict guidelines such as how much traffic a website gets each month. Some even check to see how long your website domain is registered for. If they see that a domain is registered for a year, they may reason that it is not going to be around longer than that and that the owner is not really serious.

It has been rumored that Google does not rank website domains highly that are registered for a year. I honestly do not know. But I would not put it past them.

In the next section, I will list all of the affiliate programs you should sign up for. Then in another section, I will show you exactly how to set up your WordPress website and list the affiliate programs you joined on it (there will also be a video associated with it) and writing short descriptions for each of them. In another section, I will talk about some innovative ways to bring attention, visitors, and traffic to your website. It’s called Affiliate Marketing.

So, don’t worry. You have a ways to go from this point.

For now, move on to the next section and start compiling your list of affiliate programs on that spreadsheet.

Click HERE to see my full affiliate program listing. Join as many as you can. Again, please be advised that you will not be accepted by all of them. The goal here is to join as many as you can. A list of 100 is good. I will add more as time permits.

My FULL Affiliate Program List

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