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I’m Back!

Ripped Radio Smooth Jazz Is Back On The Air!

As many of you know Ripped Radio Smooth Jazz went dormant. Why? The company I licensed with closed up shop. Their closing impacted many online broadcasters. Licensing is very expensive and the company I partnered with offered good value. Well, you get what you pay for. Lesson learned.

As such, it is not wise to operate an online station without licensing. Many online broadcasters take that chance, I don’t. Either do it right and make my station legal or don’t broadcast.

RonnieJI really did not want o give up Ripped Radio Smooth Jazz because Smooth Jazz is one of my passions and I enjoyed operating the station. I was on the brink of selling the domain and letting it go. I decided to look one last time for a way to legalize my station. I found it. I did not see it before. Maybe it wasn’t there in the beginning.

Happily, I found a way to license-legalize my station and turn it back up.

Over the past month or so, I put in a lot of work redesigning the website, updating my extensive playlists, upgrading “live” broadcasting software, and setting up my automated system that keeps the station running 24/7 when I am not on live.

There is still some work to do but enough has been done where I see no reason not to turn the station up.

I will publish a schedule and it will appear on the menu soon.

I would like to resume my Smooth Jazz Top 20 countdown. I have not set a schedule for it yet but l will publish articles letting you all know about the progression of the station.

So, it back and enjoy some great smooth jazz. And, I have it all!


Author Bio

Why WRIP - Ripped Radio Smooth Jazz? Well, I love the music. For me, it is the perfect mix to drive by, to think by, to work by, to play by, and to chill by. It inspires, soothes, and quiets the soul. Enjoy! - Ronnie J.

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